Kitesurfing and Kitefoil lessons and courses in Martinique


All levels

  • Theoretical topo on land and preparation

  • First piloting

  • Towed swimming

  • Deep water relaunch

  • Waterstart and first edges

  • Navigate and return to your starting point

  • First jumps

Prices :


Then declining

4x3h course = 345 €


First glide required

  • Sail upwind

  • First jumps

  • Specific advice adapted to your style of practice

Prices :


Then declining

4x3h course = 325 €

Kitefoil initiation

Mastery of kitesurfing required

(Private lesson)

  • Theoretical topo on land and preparation

  • Waterstart and first edges

  • Navigate and return to your starting point

  • Jibe and tack

Prices :


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Family kitesurf school, we alternate teaching to meet you every day with energy and good humor and make you autonomous kiteboarders at your own pace!

We welcome you to the most beautiful beach in southern Martinique , to take you to a navigation area exclusively reserved for our courses.

Course of the courses:

The art classes are conducted in the Bay of English by radio to enable individualized advice.

The number of students per Kite surf course is limited to 4 beginners.

After a short theoretical briefing, head to Baie des Anglais - the ideal place for learning kitesurfing and kitefoil - to evolve according to the level of each one,

on a flat spot sheltered from the coral reef.

On a vast navigation area free of obstacles,

- you discover the piloting of the kite in hot water , at knee height;

- you tack and go upwind above the white bottoms ...

Recent equipment provided:

Kite kite, twin-tip board equipped with leash.

Also provided: Vest, helmet, harness and booties.

Remember to bring a shorty or lycra, sunglasses with drawstring and

sunscreen (organic please).

Formalities: Compulsory license , (17 € for 9 days of training) Necessity, for those who do not wish to buy the license, to provide a civil liability insurance certificate specifying the practice of kite.

Take your license (compulsory)


School in Martinique since 1988    

approved by the Fédération Française de Vol Libre (n ° 21906) and approved by the Direction de la Jeunesse et des Sports (n ° 972 & NBSP: 03 and 0006).

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7/7 by appointment


Windsurfing / Paddle:

7/7 from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

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