Martinique kite surf rental

Beach rental

Total autonomy required

Rent a complete pack to navigate independently from the beach.

From :


Supervised rental

Upwind required

Navigate safely under the supervision of a boat instructor

From :


Recent equipment provided:

Kite kite, twin-tip board, pump.

Also provided if needed: Vest, helmet, harness and booties.

Remember to bring a shorty or lycra, sunglasses with drawstring and sunscreen.

Rental process:

Rental at the beach: Once the contract is signed and the equipment has been collected, a short briefing of the nav area will be given to you, and you will just have to inflate your kite and put on your board in order to enjoy this superb pot , by making sure to stay away from bathers of course;)

Supervised rental: Come with your hands in your pockets, with lycra and sunscreen (organic please), we will

provided the rest, and direction the bay of the English: spot far from the crowd, to enjoy without stressing, Olivier or Alain will watch you from the boat;)


It is possible to hire equipment provided you can prove your kite proficiency.

Required level : autonomy of practice, navigation upwind.

It is up to us to refuse you the rental, if your level does not allow it.

Deposit and signature of rental contract required to rent on the beach.

Necessity, for those who do not wish to purchase the license, to provide a certificate of civil liability insurance specifying the practice of kite .

School in Martinique since 1988     approved by the Fédération Française de Vol Libre (n ° 21906) and approved by the Direction de la Jeunesse et des Sports (n ° 972 & NBSP: 03 and 0006).

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Airush kite


7/7 by appointment


Windsurfing / Paddle:

7/7 from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

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