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Kitesurf, paddle, wingfoil and windsurf rental on your boat departing from Martinique

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Rent a kitesurf

Expert level required

Rent a complete pack to enjoy heavenly spots.

Prices :


1 board + 1 kite +1 bar 

75€/day  1 board + 2 kites +1 bar

Paddle, sup, stand up paddle, martinique, caraibes, anse michel, paddle paradise,location, cours, école

Rent a paddle

All levels

Enjoy without constraints of what surrounds you.

Prices :


Planche à voile, windsurf, planche, cap chevalier, anse michel, caraibes, alize fun, location, cours, martinique

Rent a windsurfing board

All levels

Beginner or expert, discover the Caribbean on your windsurf board

Prices :

30€/day 1 board + 1 sail

40€/day 1 board + 2 sails


Rent a Wingfoil

Expert level required

Enjoy a full Wingfoil and fly over Turquoise water

Prices :


1 Board + 1 kite + 1 pump + 1 leash

Are you going on a boat cruise from Martinique in the Grenadines or the North of the Caribbean ?

In this case, you don't have to take your equipment here ...


ALIZE FUN provides you with: Windsurfing , kite-surfing, wingfoil and stand-up paddle boarding on your boat on the day of cruise departure (valid for cruises from Le Marin)

Delivery on board the boats is free.

Hardware  supplied:



Kite from 7 to 14m, twin-tip board, pump, harness 


Boards: 101l Starboard / 110l Exocet turboboost / 116l JP allride / 120l JP funride / 130 JP funride / 134l JP x-citeride / 145l JP funride / 160l Bic

Sails: GUN SAILS from 1.8 to 7.2 m²: Torro / Rapid / Futur / Stream / Burner

Also provided if needed: harness


Wingfoil 1600 and 120l takuma board + 4.3 or 5m wing (takuma/orao)


BIC 10.4'' + Leash + paddle

Rental process:


For all boat rental you will be asked for the length of stay, time of departure, name of the boat and rental agency.

Once the material has been ordered, you will be delivered directly on board, the deposit and the payment will be made at this time, by check or cash.

Required level :

Kitesurfing and Wingfoilingautonomy of practice, sailing upwind.

It is up to us to refuse you the rental, if your level does not allow it.

Find out about the spots and have the dinghy ready for action at all times.

For the Windsurf and paddle no level is required.

Bail :

A deposit will be required before any rental, and its payment will only be made after the equipment has been returned and checked.

We will deduct from this deposit the amount of the repairs.

School in Martinique since 1988  approved by the Department of Youth and Sports (n°972&NBSP:03 and 0006).

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