L'Anse Michel : 










Essential site for windsurfing enthusiasts. Located on the Atlantic side, the spot with turquoise colors are always ventilated. Regular east / northeast winds allow stable navigation. The lagoon is protected by the coral reef (no waves). The beach, one of the most beautiful on the island, is lined with coconut trees. Two small restaurants offer refreshments, sandwiches, lobster and other local dishes..



La baie des anglais :













Site where the kite lessons take place. Located near Cap Chevalier, the spot is only accessible by boat. The spot with turquoise colors is always ventilated and well clear leeward; it evolves so safely. Its extensive and very shallow herbarium (one has foot) allows to begin in superb conditions initiation kite. As for the lagoon, very vast, it is protected from the waves by the coral reef.

Airush kite

Kite-surf :

7/7 On appointment

Windsurf/Paddle :

7/7 de 09h30-17h00

ALIZE FUNAnse Michel

Cap chevalier

97227 Sainte-Anne

Tel: 0696 91 71 06

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